Marx Maternity Shoot and Family Session


May 12, 2022

Clients favorite location don’t always work for photoshoot, but when they do it’s magical and I always love finding new locations, like the UCLA Botanical Gardens that Jessica introduced me to. Wait until you see the gorgeous pictures from this maternity session!

We used two locations for this session, the mama, Jessica’s childhood bedroom that looks pretty much exactly the same and UCLA botanical gardens. Using her childhood bedroom for the portion of the shoot with just the mom-to-be, we were able to create a more intimate feel.

“If you could describe your pregnancy thus far in one word, it would be… surreal”

She almost didn’t wear this dress because she felt like it was too much for the family session, but Grandma and I were able to convince her! Wouldn’t you agree that it’s just perfect? Never too much! Especially since she is having a girl! Grandma is a lingerie seamstress, so she had a few lovely options for her bedroom intimate session.

We then moved locations and did the remainder as a family session at UCLA with her older son (who is very excited to be a big bro). I was always under the impression that there was an extreme permit fee, like many LA locations, but this one is free, you just need to make a reservation and shoot within park hours!

Some notes from the mama before the shoot were: “I would love to remember this time as a family since we have taken so few photos over the last few years.”

Have a favorite spot, let’s chat about it and see if it’s an ideal location for your session. Trust me not all are, but when it works out it’s so fun and then I have a new spot to add to my list! Inquire about your maternity or family session here!

See more images from their shoot below!


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