15th Anniversary Photo Session


November 12, 2021

It brings me so much joy when I have the honor of being the first photographer to professionally photograph a client! For this family, what better way to celebrate a 15th anniversary than with photos of their family that they can cherish for a lifetime? I wanted to make sure that we had fun along the way and made it a stress-free as possible!

Because Dad always tends to be taking the photos, he’s an amateur photographer, he never gets to be on the other side of the camera. His wife gifted him a photo session for their anniversary and now there are so many photos that he got to be included in!

For the best photos, it is so important to let the kids do their thing! They had an inside joke of bopping each other on the nose, and I am sure that when they are older they will absolutely cherish having that memory documented, and I am sure their parents will too!

The Los Angeles Arboretum is the absolute perfect place for family photos with the kids! They get to run around and have fun to burn off some energy. Not to mention that there are lots of beautiful places to photograph and explore. It’s almost like a mini adventure with a few photos in-between. Truly a gorgeous place that the parents can joy and kids can be kids!

When asking the clients what they wanted to remember about this time, the response was, “That we still love each other, and our kids are still happy to hang out with us (might not last too much longer).” Kids grow up so fast and getting pictures taken is the perfect way to freeze that moment in time!

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