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The adventure isn’t over yet!

Since we like to travel so much we thought we would extend our little get away for you into today as well.

Did you see yesterday’s travel adventure to Scotland?!?

Today we’re jetting off to Ireland! YAY!

Ireland is beautiful, but you don’t need me to tell you that, you can see that for yourself

We hit a few more happening downtown areas while in Ireland such a Belfast and Dublin. Those were fun! Let’s say we got all the whiskey we needed there. lol.
Belfast, surprisingly, was one of my favorite spots. The streets and ally ways and the vibe of the bars was fun. It wasn’t on my original list, but I must say I am thrilled that we stopped there, even if just for one night!
Of course I had to have another little impromptu photoshoot with Aldo along my favorite spot, Cliffs of Moher. That view is just something else. Now I see why so many people elope here and get married along these cliffs. It is stunning!
Remember I mentioned my obsession with the sheep? Well I got to hold this little baby lamb. That, honestly, was the highlight of my trip … I know crazy. There is just something different about sheep that gets this silly American girl excited, and no, they are not the same as the sheep we have here. You’ll just just have to go and experience it for yourself and let me know if you feel the same.
While the Cliffs of Moher was my favorite scenic route, a close second is Killarney (Ring of Kerry). I am not a huge fan of bus tours, but this one is a must. The roads are so tiny I have no idea how that bus even fit, not to mention leaving room for another car to drive by. If you decide to go, definitely do a bus tour, otherwise you may get your car stuck. Aren’t these views just breathtaking.


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