{alayjah | portrait | downtown los angeles}


March 12, 2014

This was such a fun session downtown with the beautiful Alayjah! We had a great time taking her portraits for her modeling and acting portfolio. Between the crazy people that wanted to photobomb and the security following us it sure was an interesting session. But we rocked it and Alayjah looks beautiful! Can’t wait to see where these take you in your career! 😉 Best of luck and can’t wait to hear about all your acting adventures!

Alayjah_model_portrait_001 Alayjah_model_portrait_002 Alayjah_model_portrait_003 Alayjah_model_portrait_004 Alayjah_model_portrait_005 Alayjah_model_portrait_006 Alayjah_model_portrait_007 Alayjah_model_portrait_008 Alayjah_model_portrait_009 Alayjah_model_portrait_010 Alayjah_model_portrait_011 Alayjah_model_portrait_012 Alayjah_model_portrait_013 Alayjah_model_portrait_014 Alayjah_model_portrait_015


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