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April 24, 2013

I love this girl, session and of course Stacey Lynn Design! She is just too cute and has the most gorgeous laugh! We had a fantastic time shooting and got some wonderful images of the lovely Stacey Lynn Design! Many of you may remember the Modern Art Deco shoot we did a while back, Stacey was the creative mind behind the event design. Love it! It was such a pleasure shooting Stacey for her profile shoot and website update. Can’t wait to see the new site. 😉Stacey_Lynn_Design_Headshot_01 Stacey_Lynn_Design_Headshot_02 Stacey_Lynn_Design_Headshot_03 Stacey_Lynn_Design_Headshot_04-2 Stacey_Lynn_Design_Headshot_05 Stacey_Lynn_Design_Headshot_06 Stacey_Lynn_Design_Headshot_07 Stacey_Lynn_Design_Headshot_08 Stacey_Lynn_Design_Headshot_09 Stacey_Lynn_Design_Headshot_10-2 Stacey_Lynn_Design_Headshot_11-2 Stacey_Lynn_Design_Headshot_12 Stacey_Lynn_Design_Headshot_13-2 Stacey_Lynn_Design_Headshot_14 Stacey_Lynn_Design_Headshot_15 Stacey_Lynn_Design_Headshot_16


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