Elopement with a View


July 22, 2021

This elopement was everything intimate, glorious and special. ⁠

I can’t get over the amazing lighting and scenic view for this special day, or that it was just the two of them (plus me and the officiant!). They had a handful of family and friends back at their AirBnB to finish off their celebration with a small intimate cocktail dinner. Nothing fancy, so having just the two of them for the ceremony was super intimate and the perfect quarantine elopement for 2020. ⁠

Tyler and Kyrsha live in Colorado, but came to Los Angeles to elope, which is where Tyler grew up and his family lives! Getting married downtown had a special meaning to him – and Kyrsha wanted to pick a place that represented their relationship. I think she nailed it, don’t you?! It is absolutely stunning.

Let’s talk about our bride’s bouquet!!! Well I’m honestly not sure what I love more here, the bouquet or the beautiful downtown cityscape sunset glow? What do you guys think?⁠ They are both incredible! There are so many beautiful colors and textures happening in this single shot and I couldn’t love it more.

Even though it was just the 2 of them (well, the 4 of us), there were so many details that cannot be passed by! “Sparkle sparkle sparkle!” This was what Kyrsha’s response was to one of our details questions. And it was. She referred to her shoes as little disco balls, her dress had sparkle and even her jewelry was in line with the sparkle, but really what jewelry isn’t! I do love that she added the veil as a soft traditional piece for her look.⁠

Not having a full ceremony also allowed me to get super tight detailed shots of special moments like exchanging of the rings. It is one of my very favorite moments to capture and when I can, I like to get right up there in and get a nice close-up. There is something so intimate and special about the hands and rings in this moment. ⁠

It’s so fun when a couple gets into the moment of just the two of them during photos. It really allows us to capture their relationship and the essence of it all in a quick snap. The couple’s first dance was SOJA “You and Me” – I love this perfect little spin moment between the two of them!

There were so many favorites from this elopement, that it was hard for me to narrow down images! Proof that you don’t need to have a large wedding to capture all the beauty of your love! See many more from their special day in the gallery below.

Bride: @kyrsha8 // Flowers: @peonyandplum // Beauty: @fiorebeauty // Dress: @ lwdbridal // Dress Designer: jasmine_bridal // Music: @aaronmedinaguitar // Ceremony: @concretestudiosla


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