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March 30, 2016

Engagement sessions are so fun! It is the perfect time for the couple to hang out with each other while having someone with a camera constantly capturing their every movement and detail. The perfect preparation for the wedding day!engagement shoot {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]engagement shoot {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]

Karen and Eric were awesome. First of all it was like a 100 degrees in October in Palos Verdes. Totally unheard of! It is usually nice and cool along the coast and even a little chilly in October, but the weather had other plans for the day. And this couple rocked it! engagement shoot {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]engagement shoot {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]

Especially Eric, who isn’t a huge fan of being photographed and dislikes the heat even more. I had the deck stacked against me, but they were troopers and Eric might even have enjoyed his session after all – one of the benefits of hiring the right photographer who’s a professional through and through. We can make it fun, enjoyable and, no matter the conditions, make you shine (not the sweaty kind but the beauty kind).engagement shoot {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]engagement shoot {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title] engagement shoot {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]

Despite the heat, Karen and Eric were fantastic. I got all the snuggles, giggles, and love out of them and they were pros by the end of the session. I love that they included their pups, you know me I am totally obsessed with puppies and love including them in weddings and engagements. They are our fur babies after all. engagement shoot {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]

These poor guys couldn’t handle the heat and Auntie had to take them back to the air conditioned car. Luckily they recovered and it cooled off a tad as the sun was setting and we got their perfect family christmas card, lol. engagement shoot {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]

I love the casual look Karen and Eric rocked. The plaid shirt and sexy jeans paired with some bling is always a great combo.engagement shoot {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]engagement shoot {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]engagement shoot {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]engagement shoot {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]Eric’s plain t and jeans matched with a jacket gave his outfit more dimension. Taking an everyday outfit like jeans and a t-shirt and adding a big statement piece like jewelry, shoes, jackets, etc always take the photos to the next level. And Karen and Eric pulled this off like a pro. engagement shoot {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]engagement shoot {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]

Thanks Karen and Eric for the pleasure of telling your engagement story and for being troopers in the heat!engagement shoot {Krista Mason Photography} [post_title]

Thinking of having engagement photos taken? Give me a shout…I’d love to tell your story! 


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