Top Malibu Family Portrait and Engagement Locations

November 4, 2020

Our favorite recommendations for your Malibu family portrait and engagement locations!


Top South Bay Family Portrait and Engagement Location

Our favorite recommendations for your South Bay family portrait and engagement locations!


November 2, 2020

Top Orange County Family Portrait and Engagement Locations

October 30, 2020

Our favorite recommendations for your Orange County family portrait and engagement locations!


Top Los Angeles Family Portrait and Engagement Location

Our favorite recommendations for your Los Angeles family portrait and engagement locations!


October 28, 2020

Family Portrait and Engagement 2020 Outfit Color Palette

October 21, 2020

2020 Color Palette
Looking for the perfect color combination for your family portraits! We got you covered with our 2020 color palette to help make your holiday outfits shopping easier. Everything from monochrome to the classics and a modern take on autumn. Rust, Autumn, neutral, jewel, soft, monochrome, blue, grey, and black color palette’s!


Romantic Palos Verdes Beach Engagement

Romantic Palos Verdes California Beach Engagement. Romantic, fun, energetic couple who have a love of the beach, wine and traveling. A relaxed and fun photoshoot with Callaway Vineyard & Winery champagne, beer and the beach. Paris engagement story.


March 10, 2020

8 Things You Were Afraid to Ask About Boudoir Photography

January 13, 2020

We are here to celebrate every woman, every bodytype and every relationship. It is the perfect gift for love, but also a special treat for you – an empowering experience for yourself. There is nothing quite as empowering as getting in front of the camera and showing your fierceness. What is boudoir photography? Boudoir photography is an […]


{5 fashion tips on what to wear for your portrait and engagement session}

1. Be You Most important….BE YOU! We know that you want the best portraits possible and you have seen the most adorable session and want to copy it. That’s great! But use it as inspiration and don’t wear something that you will be uncomfortable and self-conscious in. It will show. Our collaborative goal is to […]


January 3, 2020

Los Angeles Elysian Park Engagement

February 5, 2019

Every wedding couple comes to us with the underlying fear of looking awkward in their photographs. I am sure you have caught yourself saying throughout the wedding process, “We just don’t look good in photos.” Well, not to fear! At Krista Mason Photography, it is our one and only goal to make you feel comfortable […]


elysian park engagement los angeles

The Planning Consultation: Don’t miss out on this important part of preparing for your session

It’s a wonderful feeling to have … I’m sure you have felt it … that “my heart just might burst” feeling or the “how did I get this lucky?” Those magical days, with your soon-to-be husband, your adventurous one-year old or that little human growing inside of you … they will soon be just a magical […]


September 26, 2018

planning consultation

best tips for a stress-free portrait session

September 5, 2018

Having professional photos taken can be quite stressful. For most people, being in front of the camera doesn’t feel natural! You’re feeling nervous and awkward, wondering what locations or outfits are best. What about timing for the best light? Oh, and don’t forget you’ve got to work around your kids’ nap schedules! Then you’ve got […]


stress free session tips

Mia + Earl Engagement Mountains Malibu

You have booked your wedding photographer and made the smart decision of having an engagement session! But now you are staring at your closet full of cloths and have no idea what to wear. You’re thinking, “Do I want casual dressy neutral colorful?” and your head starts spinning with all the decisions to make for […]


July 2, 2018

engagement session outfits

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