Sweetest Sleeping Newborn Session


April 1, 2021

Welcoming to the world Ari Isaac Manavi, born January 8, 2020.

Ari was one of our best sleeping babies and allowed me to pose and change him several times throughout the whole session. This isn’t always the case, but Ari was down to be the perfect little baby model! In fact, we had to call it because it was time to feed him, otherwise he would have probably kept posing.

I mean he is just too precious! With a few add-on outfits and props from mom, we were able to get such a wonderful variety of images of this little guy.

Dads, we hear you, you aren’t exactly sure about this session and don’t understand the need, but trust me you will in a few months when your little baby is growing and changing in the blink of an eye. So kuddos for you in trusting in your wife and going along, even if it is stressful and you are sleep deprived and trying to be a new dad, work and still be yourself. You may not understand now or even after the session, but one day you will be beyond thankful that you have these images! But in the meantime, let’s have some fun with it and keep it as stress free and easy going as possible! Like our dad here having his Lion King moment, lol.

“Thank you for taking these beautiful pictures of baby Ari and for documenting important milestones of our lives. We love the pictures and will treasure them for years to come” – Shadi


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