Branding for Styled by TC


April 30, 2021

I love working with fellow creative entrepreneurs that support and empower women. Emily and Ali do just that with their bridal boutique shop in Brea, Styled by TC.

I remember when they first opened as we had initially met prior to them opening their first store. I was so happy and proud of them! It was amazing to see them along their journey from wedding planners and stylists to owning and running their own store. It felt like they found their path and truly enjoyed helping brides find their dream dress! As the business grew, they added on several employees and you know what that means, time to update their site and branding photos.

“We are a family owned business and we want every bride that walks in to feel like a part of our family! We do our best to give everyone amazing service whether we sell them a gown or not!

Buying your gown through us ensures that you will have personalized customer service from trying on your first gown to your final alterations appointment.”

Emily and Ali reached out to me as they were starting to rebrand their website, the perfect time for a branding session! Fun Fact, Emily and Ali are sisters, really best friends! In addition to needing updated photos as they started to rebrand and add employees, the duo really wanted to showcase their fun warm welcoming personalities. If you have ever watched their blooper stories on Instagram, you will see exactly what I mean. The bloopers are the best, they are always laughing giggling and showing their bestie-sister dynamic and it always makes me smile!

Coordinating outfits with 6 ladies can be a challenge, have you ever just tried finding a brunch spot that you all can agree upon! Right!??!

Together we decided on a color palette and an overall arching style. I walked Emily through my suggestions on what would look best and a color that would blend with their brand! We also wanted to produce a warm, inviting, laid-back, fun, stylish vibe! As you can see the ladies nailed it! They all look amazing for their individuals and collaborate perfectly together for the group shots!

Even though what they initially intended was headshots, group shots and a few static shots of the store to fill in the website, we ended up having a little fun with what the ladies specialize in..helping you find your dream dress… and guess what – those lifestyle shots were the winner!!


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