Gorgeous Claire Pettibone “Ready to Wed” Shoot


April 9, 2021

What an incredible shoot this was! As I have started to shift more into my passion of combining branding and photography as a personal project, this shoot solidified I was moving in the right direction!

First of all, let me just say how much I LOVE Claire Pettibone designs! I have been obsessed with her dresses for years. SO when she reached out to me to photograph her new line, it was a hard YES! I was so honored and so excited! Honestly, a little nervous too, because well, I had been obsessed with her work for so long.

Working with Claire and the entire team was such a dream! Even more, it really helped me make a hard decision that I had been toying with since the start of the pandemic. Like many creatives and small businesses, we have had to make some big changes and huge pivots! Our brains have been either full-power shifting and brainstorming, or if you’re anything like me a mix of that along with complete brain mush and no idea what day it is or even how to get out of bed. Working on set, I was able to solidify that moving my photography focus away from weddings and into branding was the right move for me. I got all the feels and a full body yes! It brought me some peace in an otherwise chaotic time.

Claire had also clearly been brainstorming and coming up with creative ways to provide her customers with what they needed, during and post pandemic, when she decided to launch her Ready to Wed line.

“Since micro-weddings and last minute elopements are here to stay, it felt like the right time to release this ready to wear collection of skirts, tops, and dresses. These pieces are perfect for those last minute celebrations, your rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, engagement shoot.. or just because!” – Claire Pettibone

It was a complete honor to be able to work alongside such an awesome creative team and experiment with the type of photography I wanted to lean into. This was a mix of wedding/bridal vibes and a branding session. I let my creativity flow and expand and found a new passion within branding, fashion and photography. I could feel it in my body as I was shooting. The excitement, the ease, the “oh let’s try this!”, feeding off of each other’s excitement, ideas and creativity!

I can’t wait to dive into more branding sessions mixing all my favorite things in life! ⁠

More About Photoshoots and Branding Sessions

Branding Fashion Photo Tip! Hire 2-3 models to help make your photoshoot day go smooth and seamless. We were able to capture all @clairepettibone‘s Ready to Wed line with multiple pieces and looks within 8 hours! This was because there was always a model photo ready! If a look didn’t work perfectly on one model, there was no lost time in switching it up. ⁠

Did you make a big career or lifestyle change during the pandemic or maybe just a small pivot like me (but let me tell you it feels like a huge change)? Tell me what big changes, pivots, ah-ha moments, or new things have you experienced during the pandemic?

Dress: @clairepettibone⁠ // Photography: @kristamasonphotography⁠ // Florals: @peonyandplum⁠ // Hair & MU: @pagebeauty⁠ // Model: @lisadillon⁠ ⁠@timewithtima ⁠@christina.springle


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