Wedding Clients + Now Parents!


March 11, 2021

It’s such an incredible joy to watch our wedding clients go from wedding bliss to expecting parents to glowing new parents.

swaddled baby with flower bow - new parents

Sometimes the journey isn’t easy, but the end result is a gorgeous baby. Stephanie had a few discomforts during her pregnancy – first, she had the worst morning sickness, starting at 8 weeks all the way up until her 3rd trimester. I remember her telling me she couldn’t eat anything and everything made her sick and she could barely get out of bed. Then a world pandemic hit and took the fears of motherhood and delivery up to a whole new level. Watching things change daily and what was allowed and not allowed in the hospital, at one point her husband wasn’t allowed, but luckily when she delivered they had changed the guidelines to allow 1 person to be in there with you. Planning her newborn session was new to both of us, it was the first one where we were going to try and pose baby and family while still keeping our 6 feet apart.

This session was a little different than most of our newborn sessions as baby Elsa was born in May – right in the middle of our stay safer at home order and the start of wearing masks, so as you all remember a very unknown and scary time.

new parents - newborn baby photos

While shooting may have looked a little different, me mostly standing on the outside or near the front entrance of their downstairs area and walking mamma step by step on how to wrap baby Elsa, we made it work. And I love that!!! I was still able to provide services and guidance and beautiful newborn photos for this lovely family even though we were in the middle of an unknown world pandemic.

I am thrilled to still be providing these newborn sessions with safety protocols in place for all. So if you are thinking about having a newborn session, but concerned about the COVID situation, don’t fear, we have plenty of options for your comfort level. Schedule a call with us to discuss how we can safely photograph your newborn! You can also read more about our precautions here.

“The pictures are an amazing gift.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”


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