Branding with Encelia


January 14, 2021

Working with my clients to help elevate their brand to the next level is one of my favorite moments in being a photographer. To allow them to feel confident in themself, their brand, and the future of their business.

I am so happy to share one of the most inspiring branding shoots that I have had the pleasure of photographing. I’ll take the words directly from Allison of Encelia, because she said it so beautifully! ⁠

Encelia, is an athathleisure (activewear) hair piece called Play. I created this product for active women who refuse to let hair loss stop them from doing the things that they love. I want to publicly vocalizing that bald women are equally as beautiful and sexy as women with hair! I want to celebrate mindset & beauty behind the women wearing the hair – its about being happy in your own skin, being you and doing the things that you love!

– Allison Ombres, Encelia

Allison’s passion has always been beauty – she was a facialist, loved makeup, turn electrologist then permanent makeup artist and now is selling hair. Working with her to photograph this her hairpiece, you could see the light in her eyes and the happiness on her face as we worked together to create beautiful content to share her brand and message.

It’s strange but I feel like life set me on this path for a reason and that I am here to help women feel better through beauty.

I have Alopecia Universalis, total baldness. I developed it in the 8th month of my 2nd pregnancy with my son. Losing my hair has forced me to redefine rebuild my own sense of self. It’s been extremely difficult but through it I decided to start a consulting business to help women find hair they love. I launched encelia because there is not a good active wig/solution for women. Most women, including myself, stop doing the things that they love because of their hair loss.

I want to contribute something to this world. Something that could help someone live a better life or enjoy their life a little bit more.

– Allison Ombres, Encelia

Combined with this beautiful statement and learning all about Allison, her why and message, together we were able to collaborate and create a session showing bald women enjoying their time, owning their beauty and confidence. And this is completely aligned with my ‘why’ as well. Building confidence and beauty in front of the camera, helping you feel bold, confident and beautiful. I love when I get to work with brands that are in alignment with my values and why and we get to collaborate together to make greatness!


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