Does Your Family Do This?


September 22, 2020

The reality behind a family session with children…

YUP! I am here to tell you the truth. Every family session has it’s moments of chaos and that is ok!!!!

Take this fun- loving, playful family for instance.

It was a glimpse of a moment in-between a kid melting down, another kid running down the beach refusing to cooperate and no bribing methods working and the baby trying to go swimming in the vast ocean by himself. Phew, that’s enough to get anyone’s nerves wound up. Not to mention mom’s patience treading thin and dad watching the chaos all unfold but ready with that smile.

The photos that you see on Instagram and those holiday cards aren’t in reality how the entire session went.

Moms, we got you!

I know your family isn’t perfect and your kids, are well, going to be kids and that’s ok. We love the moments in-between, the pouty faces, the cries and moms expression of utter annoyance.

But guess what, we also capture those genuine real giddy smiles as your kids chase each other around and have fun jumping all over you! And, yes we also capture your family holiday card photo so you can share with all your friends and family those brief joyful moments where everyone is happy and smiling.

This is also why we love our full sessions with families, it allows us to capture all this goodness!

Have you booked your family session yet?

What’s holding you back? Trust me – your family is no different than those ones you are admiring on instagram!


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