Romantic Palos Verdes Beach Engagement


March 10, 2020

This is a great one because not only do I get to share this gorgeous engagement shoot with all of you, I have their engagement story in their own words! Stephanie and Ryan are the most fun, energetic couple who have a love of the beach, wine and traveling – sounds like my kind of life! Although I tried my hardest to convince them to head back to Paris, where they got engaged, for their engagement session, haha, we decided to go with the beautiful Palos Verdes Beach, one of their favorite spots.

We were going for a beach sunset vibe and so we started at the top of the hill and then walked all the way down to the beach and then looped back up for an epic shot at the top of the hill incorporating the moon. The entire shoot was relaxed and fun, I loved watching their personalities play off each other. Laughing and strolling together around the beach, such beautiful moments between them!

I loved that this couple brought beer to relax, but of course I incorporated into the shoot because why not!! Who doesn’t want to drink a nice beer at the beautiful Palos Verdes beach. Not to mention, they are getting married at their favorite winery, Callaway Vineyard & Winery, and happened to bring a bottle of champagne. We obviously took some photos with that too! I love when our couples incorporate special things that mean something to them, small or big!

It is such an honor to work with such an incredibly fun and relaxed couple, and I cannot wait for their wedding – I am sure it will be incredible! Notes from the couple below!

Engagement Story from Stephanie:

I landed in Paris that day around 10am. Ryan had already been there for a week working. I was so excited to see him and start our two week adventure through Europe. He was supposed to pick me up at the airport, since I need Google Maps to get around my own neighborhood, neither of us though it was a great idea for me to try to figure out the Paris train system by myself. I texted him when I landed and got no response. I decided to call as we were all disembarking the plane, and good thing I did because I woke him up! I sped through customs and got my luggage immediately, and had to wait about an hour for him to get there. I was so pissed but I was trying not to be too upset about it. Not the best start to our vacation!

After a nap at the hotel and a snack, I was feeling much better and ready to venture out into beautiful Paris. We stopped by the corner store and bought a couple beers (we were going to get wine but it was so hot, we felt cold beers were the better choice.) We took the metro to the Eiffel Tower, and found a nice shady spot in the park and drank our beers. We sat there for about an hour and a half, just enjoying each others company. We even saw another couple get engaged! We were both definitely in the romantic mood.

It was almost time for our dinner reservation, so we got up to leave but Ryan steered us away from the metro station, and said “let’s walk a little” or something like that. So we walked for a while and then he changed direction “let’s walk this way.” This is when I started to get suspicious, he was acting so weird! He finally stopped us right in the middle of the park, took a deep breath, and took off his backpack. That’s when I knew what he was going to do. I hugged him and he had a speech prepared. I started jumping up and down in excitement when he got down on one knee. He opened the ring box (upside down) and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes, and we hugged and kissed and it was the best feeling ever. He then said “ok stick out your hand! Which finger is it?” The ring was more beautiful than I could’ve imagined.

After running from the guys trying to sell us bootleg champagne, we FaceTimed our families and told them the good news. We ended up postponing our dinner reservation by an hour because I didn’t want to leave.

More Details From Ryan:

There were street peddlers everywhere. I found a great spot where our pictures were able to get the entire tower, and where there weren’t many people on the other side of the central round-a-bout. We relaxed on a perfectly blue-sky day, though it was VERY hot. After drinking the semi-warm beers and with the Ring under constant guard, I knew it was time. I took her, and started walking sort of in zig-zags. She was very confused. I was trying to find a break in the street peddlers – because they were like pests everywhere. I go right in the center of the grass, nobody around, and made it happen. Opened the box upside down, but in my defense, there was no clear up/down on it. I also was a bit discombobulated and forgot which finger to put it on. We had about 2 minutes of excitement time before the street peddlers pounced […] but I managed to block him out and focus on the moment.

Champagne: Calloway Vineyard & Winery // Location : Palos Verdes Beach


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