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March 24, 2020


Wanna talk business, relationships, weddings, families, friends or just need a drinking partner so you “aren’t drinking alone”


I am no stranger to Zoom calls and video chats. We use them all the time with our clients and event community to connect when in-person isn’t an option. But there was something about doing it on a personal level that just felt odd to me. We weren’t talking business strategies with other business owners from all around the world, we weren’t getting to know each other from across the state as our couples were planning their weddings, we were drinking and laughing and trying to stay connected with our friends that all live within a small mile radius. Where we would usually go out to a bar and let loose or a dinner party or even all gather in someone’s backyard and drink wine by the fire.

Now that social distancing is a thing and we can no longer do any of that, I found myself needing my friends and missing them more than ever.

We usually see some part of the group at one point every weekend and if a weekend went by that we didn’t see them, it was odd. Since this quarantine has already felt like an eternity and it’s really only been a week, I felt a calling to figure out how to connect with them. Did you know that many of the digital invite services now have virtual designs for gatherings, love it! So I sent out my Paperless Post invite and we had happy hour with friends!

And you know what, yeah it took a little adjusting, but we laughed, we drank and we all connected! It was quite honestly amazing. 

I was inspired to schedule that video call after my entrepreneurial group did a video conference – we usually meet in person at The Wing. All of us getting on this video call connecting, chatting, talking about what was going on in our lives was beyond helpful and exactly what I was missing. While I am trying to figure out my new normal, and frankly my new temporary career since I can’t photograph all your beautiful faces, I am craving connection more than ever and these video gatherings were just what I needed. From my women’s group to my best friends. And we just talked and connected like we would sitting across from one another with our coffees or our cocktails, dinners or snacks. 

If you are a social butterfly like me and need that connection, I highly highly recommend doing video calls with all the people in your life.

As a matter of fact, I am hosting a weekly Happy Hour on Thursdays at 4pm for anyone to join for any reason. Wanna talk business, relationships, weddings, families, friends or just need a drinking partner so you “aren’t drinking alone”? I am here. 

Get the details below and join us for our first one this week. We are doing this until our quarantine is lifted and would love for you to join us. You know how we are always talking about how much we want to grab that coffee, drink lunch, etc. together, well now we can. I hope to see you there!

grab your drink, maybe try this one and join us Thursdays at 4pm

download zoom and click here

Be sure to check out the announcements in the next post, we are offering 50% off all fall session and weddings, and some other fun bonuses !

Lots of love to you and yours!


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