High Vibe Wedding at Shutters on the Beach


February 6, 2020

Have you thought of cleansing the energy on your wedding day?

Last week we shared the most gorgeous beach rehearsal dinner with you! It is now my pleasure to share the stunning wedding for that incredible couple at Shutters on the Beach.

Their wedding was personalized with so many details that were important to them – which makes them important to us! The day started off with a little energy clearing with the use of sage and crystals to keep it calm and focused and high vibes in the room as the bride and groom both got ready. The bride, Jody, had both of grandmother’s rings sewn into her gown using a blue ribbon – as her something blue! The groom had personalized cufflinks made just for their special day.

The ceremony site for this wedding was the most beautiful beach view. With the incredible Pacific Ocean in the background, this was one of the only beach locations that I have shot that didn’t have random Santa Monica beach-goers in the background. It really made for the most incredible photos. Truly it made me want to shoot Shutters on the Beach for events again and again! You could feel the love radiating from the couple during the ceremony. From the giggles they had with each other, to the little touches they gave each other, it was something so sweet for both the bride and groom and their guests to witness.

The couple wanted the day to feel intimate and wanted to be present and part of the day as much as possible with guests. That being said, we cannot forget the guest of honors that made a quick appearance, their puppies!

Once we entered the reception, the couple truly kept to their word of being present with their guests. The atmosphere was so fun, and there were so many connections between them and their guests. The groom was drug onto the dance floor surrounded by the girls with nowhere to escape, ha! While the bride and her mother were cutting up the dance floor, before the ever traditional father-daughter dance. From the first moment of the wedding to the last song, everyone had such an amazing time being in each others presence. One last moment that really stuck with me was when during the father of the bride’s speech, Jody was holding both her father’s hand and her husband’s hand. It really melted my heart!!

As for the reception details, Simply Natural Events took the ballroom look to a whole new level – a hip, organic dreamy one! They decorated with lots of lucite, which you know we love. And there were so many gorgeous textures throughout the room from the florals, the boho-style rugs, the lounge area furniture… It brought so much elegance with a beautiful velvet texture and clean, simple colors. I can’t forget to mention that the cake table was to die for, wait until you see the images below!

As we mentioned in our post about the rehearsal dinner, the nerves were high for our bride due to the wind, and I get it. When things don’t go as you had hoped or planned on your wedding day it can totally put a huge crinkle in your day. And it doesn’t matter what I think or what your mom thinks or your bridesmaids, it’s how you feel and all about what works for you! So we took a moment together, took some deep breaths had a little convo about what was most important to her and reassured her that we had this together.

Between hair on stand-by and quick captures between the gusts of wind, she had nothing to be concerned about! Her team of experts all had her back and she looked stunning. Can you tell it was a windy day?

It’s so important to me to make these connections with our couple. It’s not just about capturing the pretty pictures and making sure that everything is beautiful. It’s more about making sure you feel beautiful comfortable and happy. With the relationship I had with our bride, I knew she was feeling tense just in her body language. If I had just powered through it and shot without taking a moment to speak with her and talk about her fears, she wouldn’t have loved her photos. I needed to make sure I could help her relax, be at ease and be in the moment so she didn’t just love her photos, but was amazed with them! And as you read from prior post she sure was!

Our brides email after she received her photos!

Hey…these pictures are phenomenal!!! I love these photos so much!  Thanks for dealing with me and the wind tantrums…you handled me so kindly 🙂

We truly couldn’t imagine this day going any more perfectly, and are so happy for Jody and Lee! Congratulations!


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