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February 25, 2020

borrowed blue and crowned events cottom decorated table

When these talented vendors come together – the results are always beautiful

Wow! I love when so many designers and artists are pulled together for a huge collaboration like this. The teams really pulled out all their top skills and talents! I mean does it get any more creative than this!!!

When borrowed Blu asked if I would be willing to shoot their first launch party, I was all in! Then they told it was going to be a challenge, with 8 design teams showcasing their products and all the other vendors talents. And it did not disappoint! I was already excited, but what a beautiful cherry on the top with all these amazingly talented vendors.

I love collaborations and meeting new people and getting an opportunity to go beyond our creative skills as a team, and these events allow for just that! I even dragged Aldo to this one. He never attends events, but I needed the additional help shooting and so he made an appearance, lol. Can you all picture Aldo at a networking event, OMG it was kinda entertaining in itself.

Ok but back to the pretty things.

blush and neutral gorgeous tablescape

I just want to say what an honor it was to photograph this event and be selected by borrowed Blu to be the official photographer. Not only do they have amazing products, but I just love all the ladies and it is always a pleasure working with them!

For all you brides out there…. these are the teams, and elements and details that level up a wedding. If you are anything like me, you are all about the details from modest to extravagant. I get so excited to see how people wow their guests with the most exquisite details and personalized items. And if you were looking for some inspiration on how to achieve that these designs will inspire for days!

For those of you that love details and the aesthetic, yes I am talking to you! You want to thank and honor your guests for coming by giving them the best possible experience. Not only does this mean a fun atmosphere, but a beautiful one that they will remember. All the gorgeous details that you have planned for months coming together for your big day that is so magical. These are the types of vendors and types of inspiration that you’ve been looking for! And we are so happy to help assist you on the way!

1. Pressed Florals

“Our overall event aesthetic included light and airy elements with a whimsical twist. Naturally we had to mirror that when it came to our head table. Found Rental’s new modern furniture paired well with our new Siren Collection, but to add an extra pop of color and texture we decided to use an acrylic cover to press florals into the table.” – borrowed BLU

2. Textural Cotton

“Our design was inspired largely in part by the amazing inventory provided by the participating vendors (borrowed BLU, Found Rentals and La Tavola). We knew that we wanted to present their pieces in a way that felt romantic and timeless, but still communicated a sense of individuality and modern edge. In order to do so, we challenged ourselves to use an element that is non traditional and unexpected – a cotton installation and table runner rather than the more conventional, floral blooms and greenery. Deciding to incorporate cotton inspired us to add texture in other unique ways, such as a draped fabric backdrop, linen signage pieces and adding in a leather napkin ring that doubled as a place card. We believe that utilizing all of these textural elements in contrast to the simple, clean lines of our tableware created a lot of depth and visual interest within our table scape. Our favorite design tip is to do just that- incorporate texture with different mediums and in unexpected places!” – Crowned Events

3. Celestial-Meets-Modern

“Our table was inspired by ultra-modern high fashion, with our initial prompt displaying moon-inspired plates, silk, and metallic from an industrial building. While our palette was primarily black, white and grey, we still wanted to create a fun and inviting atmosphere. Our main focus while designing was on unique shapes and textures. We brought Offerings on board to create whimsical florals with the centerpieces and window display. The place setting was partially inspired by optical illusions and we loved incorporating the new Siren Clear + Platinum plates. Our vision came to life with a ‘Mother-of-Pearl meets Wonderland’ dinner party.” – Heliotype Creative

4. Color Blocking

“My vision for my design was inspired by the beautiful inspiration board sent by the borrowed BLU team and the concept of a monochromatic color blocked event. I knew as soon as I saw the gold inspired board I wanted to use honey dijon roses as my main floral element and the rest came together naturally with the incorporation of borrowed BLU’s gold rim collection. By keeping things simple and focusing on one color, it allowed the pieces to speak for themselves and lead to a more impactful statement.” – Siren Floral Co

5. A Little Smoke

“The industrial texture of the matte plates from borrowed BLU combined with the lustrous elegance of the marble charger was a great foundation to build upon. The original inspiration sent to me also included an image of smoke, which is why I chose to use a gauzy black runner over the rustic table from Found. It had the same movement that I saw in the photo, and I was really happy with the end result! Finally, I wanted to keep everything light while while also utilizing the color and style included in the original vision board. I chose crystals for this because of the way the light is reflected in them. The florals were kept simple in an effort to really showcase the rest of the elements on the table.” – Joelle Charming

6. Raising the Bar

“We took inspiration from our favorite element of any wedding or event: the bar! We were inspired to come up with a modern take on event seating and combined that with the juxtaposition of feeling like the guest is right at home. Our table top was designed around our own taste and incorporated some of our very favorite event vendors, borrowed BLU, Found, Stella Bloom Design and Prim and Pixie — it all felt so right. My piece of advice when design is to start with your own taste and style and let it evolve from there.” – LB Events

7. Warm It Up

“We imagined our tablescape to feel like the most extraordinary, delightful dinner party imaginable— homey, comforting and romantic with major wow moments. With borrowed BLU as the gracious hosts of the party, our top priority was to make their pieces a focal point of our design. We color blocked and layered their gorgeous rust, rosewater and fawn colored pieces on the tablescape, but also transformed their Delizia plates into a striking escort card installation. Tropic of Flowers upped the drama with their gorgeous dried and live floral installations and pretty paper goods.” – Ro & Co Events

8. Ocean Hues

“We wanted our table to feel modern, eclectic and daring. With a bold theme color like blue, we opted to make it the focal point instead of a simple accent. We drew inspo from our drive up the coast of Malibu, foraging varieties of dried grasses to compliment our blue pampas grass wall, which we hand died. We paired a dramatic navy velvet linen with sleek tableware using a unique fold for our linen napkins based on Japanese Furoshiki. A little styling tip: it’s so easy to go neutral and play it safe, but don’t be afraid to push the boundaries! Picking a few star pieces and pairing bold items with basics balances a table nicely and keeps design chic and playful!” – Round Town Events

9. Intentional Minimalism

“Recently, I’ve centered my design philosophy around intentional minimalism: creating a story and having every detail honor that narrative. Starting with my assigned color, green. I leaned into what that color represented to me: nature! Rambling greens, spilling tulips, and curious butterflies, were the dancing elements that ran the length of my table, all framed with a luxurious La Tavola velvet table runner. Meanwhile, tabletop pieces from borrowed BLU grounded these whimsical details with their masculine tones and lines. From the plates to the china and stemware, the nuances of my assigned color came to life. From sun rise to nightfall in nature, pistachio, oro, and black all portrayed the complexities and gradation of the color green. When pulling rentals from Found, I wanted to maintain this organic story. Pale yet warm wood tones were exactly what this concept needed. Clint, woven back dinning chairs and the Chaparral table provided just that!” – By Maher Haroun

24 Carrots and Modern Bar

Lets not forget the food and beverage experience – the best part am I right?! 24 Carrots killed it with catering to match the vibes, colors and experience of each of the designers tables. Do you see how well the food and plating is paired with the table designs. I mean talk about attention to details and collaboration. Then we have the cocktails matched with the most adorable branded ice cubes by West Coast Ice Provisions. I went home and tried to brand my own ice after that fun detail. Needless to say I’ll leave that to the professionals. But how fun for your guests!

Nothing better than a luxurious lounge.

Lets party

Videography: Villa Visuals // Catering: 24 Carrots Catering and Events // Band: Dart Collective // Venue: The Modern Long Beach // Wholesale Florist: Mayesh // Ice Maker: West Coast Ice Provisions // Ancillary Florist: With Love Floral Co. // Furniture Rentals: Found Rentals // Linens: La Tavola Fine Linen // Live Stream: The Venue Report // Photographer: Krista Mason // Signage: Sticker You // Head Table Designer: borrowed BLU // Table 1 Designer {fawn}: Crowned Events // Table 2 Designer {gold}: Siren Floral Co. // Table 3 Designer {platinum}: Heliotype Creative // Table 4 Designer {black}: Joelle Charming // Table 5 Designer {fawn}: LB Events // Table 6 Designer {pink}: RMBO Collective Events // Table 7 Designer {blue}: Round Town Events // Table 8 Designer {green}: By Maher Haroun


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