Portraits Session During a Family Vacation


October 18, 2019

Why not document your family vacation with photos that will last a lifetime?

I’ve mentioned this before, but I truly mean it when I say that I love my job and I love documenting all of my client’s and their families! Last Thanksgiving I had the pleasure of documenting the Andrews family. Their family vacation for the holidays had brought the entire family together, which included the grandparents, and their 3 children with their grandchildren. How amazing is that?! I love that their whole family got to be in one place for the holiday!

Family vacations are a great time to capture your families portraits because you are already gathered together. Let’s be honest, getting everyone together can be a challenge with all the different schedules, kids activities, family travels, and just everyday chaotic life. But during this time of year, families tend to pause for a minute while the gather and everyone comes together and enjoys family time. What better time than this to capture everyone with a family session.

Oh, and hint hint, they also make also make great Christmas gifts or Mother’s Day gifts for moms/grandmas. Nothing brings her more joy than seeing all her family together and reflecting back on all the memories of that trip with her children and grandchildren!

I hope you all have a fabulous holiday season with your families, and hope you get a nice family vacation!


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