Shadi + Sam’s Ketubah Signing Party


August 7, 2019

How to lengthen your wedding weekend with additional intimate events

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Sometimes you wanna extend your wedding event into multiple days spending time with the people you love and who love you to celebrate your big day! Many of our couples have found themselves adding on rehearsal parties and brunches to their wedding weekend for more time to share with their loved ones. That’s just what Shadi and Sam did with their ketubah signing! They wanted to add an additional smaller intimate event with their loved ones.

We had the honor of photographing this moment, along with many of their wedding guests that came to celebrate. Sometimes a wedding isn’t just one day, but multiple days of events held before or after the wedding, and even sometimes a few weeks before, like this ketubah signing! It was the perfect moment for Shadi and Same to celebrate and capture more memories with all the people that they cared for.

Depending on your family’s heritage and traditions, you might find yourself being able to add on events, like this one, that help those close to you get to know you as a couple even more. In more modern times, this is typically done through bridal showers, rehearsals, and brunches, but we LOVE when a couple is more traditional and celebrates their culture too!

Photography: Krista Mason //


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