Ashika + Adam’s Vibrant Traditional Nepali Rehearsal


August 20, 2019

This traditional Nepali wedding rehearsal was filled with so much love and culture and we loved every minute.

traditional nepali wedding rehearsal

I feel so honored and lucky to be able to document wedding weekends for my couples. When a bride and groom come to me and tell me that not only will they be hosting the traditional wedding event, but additional events that celebrate their culture, I can’t help but feel so lucky to get a glimpse at something so special. Ashika + Adam had a beautiful and vibrant Nepali traditional rehearsal before their wedding. They live in Northern California and planned their SoCal wedding from afar.

During the rehearsal at the Hyatt Newport Beach Oasis Court, Ashika + Adam wore amazing traditional outfits from Nepal. The groom wore the Daura Duruwal. The soon-to-be bride wore a red and gold Saris that is worn traditionally by Nepali brides. These outfits came directly from Nepal! The event was so fun and filled with vibrant colors everywhere. The couple wanted their wedding to be a more traditional American affair, so they went all out on the Nepali traditions for the rehearsal. Family and friends celebrated from all around, including many members that traveled across the Pacific Ocean from Nepal. The night was filled with dinner, dancing and speeches from their loved ones. So much love and happiness filled the air around these two you couldn’t help but feel like you were part of it all.

I can’t wait to share the photos from the day of their wedding with you very soon!


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