This Surprise Anniversary Party had our Hearts Fluttering!


July 22, 2019

Weddings are one of the biggest milestones in any couple’s life.  So it is no surprise that this wedding anniversary was the perfect opportunity to celebrate the love that two people share. 

For Sassy and Shahe, celebrating 40 years of happiness was a treasure in itself. But what is more special for a couple than celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary you ask? What about a surprise anniversary thrown by their children!

Their Story

Sassy and Shahe grew up together in their hometown.  Even though there was a bit of an age gap (he was much older than her) they knew of each other and each other’s families, as people in small towns often do.  As life would have it, Sassy and her family moved from their hometown to the United States while she was still very young.  

What they didn’t know then is that life had its own plan for these two.  Years later, Shahe’s own family would take on the journey and move to the US as well.  And so, of course, by mere coincidence (or fate) they came together at the same place and same time, and all those years apart seemed to fade away.  The couple reconnected immediately and started dating.  The rest is, as they say, history:   They fell in love, got married, had children and 40 years later are living their best life.

The Surprise Party

It was the sweetest thing ever! The couple’s children meticulously planned the surprise and had all their friends and family come together to help mom and dad celebrate 40 years of love the best way possible! Doesn’t that make your heart flutter? As if the joy and palpable happiness in the room was not enough, each of the children gave a heart-warming speech. Listening to them conjure up so many emotions, so many feelings and dreams of being that in love and that happy 40 years from now – it was beyond memorable for us!

It’s a true love story. And it was shared with guests as a decal on their dance floor. I mean talk about details!


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