Entrepreneurial Women’s Group Branding Portraits


June 17, 2019

Meet the boss ladies of my first entrepreneurial women’s group with Jaimi Brooks.

I had the opportunity to photograph each of the amazing ladies in the #entrepreneurialwomensgroup, which I am a part of.  I can’t wait to introduce you to each of them and their amazing talents!

First is our fierce leader and my own personal therapist, Jaimi Brooks. She has created a place where we connect and collaborate and talk business with some of the most amazingly talented ladies I have gotten to know over the year. This group is a mix of coaching, therapy, and community and I can’t tell you how amazing it has been for me personally and with the growth of my business. As a sole-entrepreneur, it has become such an important part of my week to connect and get business ideas from other like-minded ladies! I look forward to our meetings every week and am so thankful to Jaimi for her wisdom and creating this wonderful group for all of us to build a stronger community. Her love for working with creative entrepreneurs, couples, and women’s issues is what led her to create a place where some of the most amazingly talented women I know, can connect and collaborate and talk business.

Allison Dean. Alison is a TV host and has one of the biggest personalities I know. Besides being a media person, and a self-described “recommender of things,” Allison is an entrepreneur.  She recently co-founded Beauty Tech + VP Operations Software. A pretty amazing software that will create a custom color nail polish to match any color. Think Home Depot color matcher meets your local salon nail polish! ⠀

Meet Aria, the mastermind behind Foodies Urban Kitchen, a Los Angeles based co-packing facility specializing in the small scale artisanal brand. Aria is a master in her business, manufacturing and production. She is an innovator in the health food movement and an expert with food labels!

Annika Robbins of Whitsett + Laurel. She has a special skill we as business owners all need: organization and systems. The great news, she not only offers her services but will jump-start you with ideas on where to even start. Maybe how to organize your email so it doesn’t rule your life, or what programs to help streamline your business. From small to big she can help you find your ideal workflow. Fun fact: she loves yellow sticky notes, so of course we had to include those in her session!

Next up: Gayane. Along with Jaimi Brooks, Gayane is taking a whole new approach on what we think of therapy.  Gayane specializes in couples therapy, which is the perfect niche for her. Through her passion she is helping individuals, couples and families achieve a well-balanced life. She makes therapy less scary for those that may be fearful to take the leap. Whether you are an individual or a couple, she understands the obstacles that may be preventing you from moving forward and she will help you feel more comfortable throughout the process.

Marissa Suárez-Orozco. Ah yes, the master behind the beautiful flowers of Tropic of flowers! You don’t need to know that Marissa was trained at the School of Visual Arts: her work speaks for itself!  One of her biggest assets is her empathy, which helps her connect with her clients in a creative and emotional way to bring her clients’ desires to life in the most visually compelling way.  Her background as a graphic designer specializing in invitation suites, makes her more than just a talented florist. I have had the pleasure of working with Marissa on several occasions and her flowers always evoke a strong and breathtaking presence that brightens up my day!

Marisela Arechiga- If you are looking for an honest, kick-ass, lady boss to renovate your home, I know just the girl: Marisela of New Generation Improvements. Together with her husband Mario, their goal is to improve Los Angeles homes and commercial spaces one by one with their high-quality, fun, energetic communication and professionalism. Not to mention they were featured on HGTV and together have the most entertaining Instagram stories of a working family.

Nikki Swartz. Let’s talk about this social media guru Nikki of The Sprout Society! She is killing it with her social media, podcast and law business. Wondering how the heck all those fit together, I did too, until I met Nikki and listened to her podcast, Cash is Queen. I’m not kidding it is one of the best podcasts I have listened to. She is one of the most inspirational ladies I know and is killing it building a community for women.  And did I mention she is a kick-ass lawyer specializing in trademarks! Something every business owner should consider.

Our wonderful group of ladies has continued to grow and change and I wanted to make sure to introduce you to the three newest boss ladies that I have also had the pleasure of photographing.

Katya is a sweet, peaceful and supportive lady that always makes me feel so calm, just with her presence. Something that you want when looking for an Acupuncturist, am I right?!?! She is much more than just an acupuncturist, she is cultivating an atmosphere of support and healing for women and their families in Los Angeles. I have enjoyed getting to know her and while also learning more about Chinese medicine, and I am into it. Who would have ever thought? Her passion for her craft and clients really shines in everything she does and it’s so refreshing!

Robin is no stranger to Krista Mason Photography and one of my favorite event designers and people. I have had the pleasure of working with Robin on several weddings and shoots and her creativity is astounding. It has been such a pleasure to get to know her on a completely different level via this group. One of my favorite things about her that really shine through is that she creates events with SOUL— events that are not just about the pretty, but about celebrating the human experience. Maybe that’s why I love working with her so much and why her events are always so stunning!

Let’s talk about organizing shall we, I know Elsa would love that. Elsa is not just about decluttering and organization, but composing a beautiful life. Her goal isn’t just to make your space look beautiful but to also make it functional. Her biggest passion is helping families live well in their homes by creating simple, sustainable solutions that work for them and their family. I mean who wouldn’t love combining functionality with a Pinterest-worthy home! I’m in!


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