Welcoming baby boy #2 to the Wheeler family!


February 21, 2019

Welcoming baby boy #2 to the family!! How adorable are these boys? What an exciting adventure they are going to have together! Ethan was so excited to welcome his baby brother and show him the wonders of life! Plus all his legos and trucks, only the most important things in life,  right? 

One of my favorite moments is mom and her boys, such a sweet moment of snuggles and kisses. Those times to remember when boys are being boys and running at full energy through the house rolling those cars over every piece of furniture you have, lol. 

This little guy is just too precious!! All that tiny baby newness – so cute! Too bad they have to grow up to be big boys! Why can’t they stay this little and squishy cute forever?

Dad is already training baby to be an LA Dodgers player of course with the help of older bro, who has a matching baseball photo, BTW!


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