Benefits of film photography combined with digital


February 23, 2019

You can’t quite put your finger on it, but there are some
images that are just perfect. All you know is there’s “something special” about those images…the photographer has somehow managed to capture the very heart and soul of the bride and groom. That, you’ve decided, is exactly what you want for your wedding day photographs.

So, you ask, just how do they do it? Without going into a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo, let’s just say that some of those images that have that “something special” actually do have something pretty special about them. These photos were probably taken with a good old fashioned film camera. Some professional photographers shoot some, if not all, of a wedding completely with film. Trust me, your mom and dad can probably appreciate the beauty of old fashioned film, but for the millennials out there, let me tell you a little bit about why this is so amazing!

We feel like giving you beautiful, artistic images is such an important part of what we do. It’s definitely something that sets us apart from other wedding photographers.

Film photography offers something that digital photography just cannot offer – a timeless beauty that is not easily duplicated with a digital camera. We say it gives the image soul. Sure, theres all kinds of processes and filters then can be applied in post-production, but there’s nothing like the beauty and character that real film offers.

As a matter of fact, some of the most popular Instagram filters are actually named after some of the best film companies out there. That filter that makes the greens pop? Film does that naturally. That filter that magically makes your skin look absolutely stunning? Yep, film does that naturally too.

You know how when you look at older pictures, they give you
that nostalgic kind of glow that makes you smile as the memories come fading back? Even if you weren’t there, you almost feel like you were there. No amount of programming on a camera or computer program can truly recreate the timeless romantic feel that you get from actual film photographs.

There’s something else that makes those images special – it’s all about the photographer. That photographer has to be much more intentional when they’re clicking the shutter when there’s film involved. Most commercial film rolls will only hold 12 to 16 maybe 36 images, compared to the thousands that will fit on a digital camera’s memory card. Why is this
important? You can guarantee your photographer is going to slow down and make sure they are capturing only the best shots. We don’t get a chance to redo a film shot, and to be honest, we don’t even know if we’ve got the shot until we get the pictures back from the lab. So, taking our time and making sure the photo is perfect the first time becomes much more important.

With a film camera, I have to wait until just the right moment to make sure I’ve got THE best shot – that flirty smile, that look of affection that someone else may have missed – those shots that are full of emotion, full of that timeless love, full of soul. There is definitely an art to capturing these precious moments on a film camera. The photographer that can get those stunning images from film is a photographer who has honed his or her
skills because they want those precious moments to be the best, the most
unique, the most timeless images they capture during the whole wedding.

Don’t get me wrong…I’ll always have my digital camera on the other shoulder. I have to…most weddings are super fast paced events. I don’t
always have the time to be as intentional as I’d like to be. That’s where being able to shoot off 6 images per second comes in handy to capture that sweet flower girl’s laughing face with her eyes open, or dad wiping away that one when he thought no one was looking. I also love being able to rely on my digital camera’s ability to capture amazing photos in the low light of an evening reception.

Digital photography has come a long way and definitely has its role in the wedding world. With the software we professional photographers use today can sometimes capture that “film” look. Most people can’t tell at first glance which photos were taken on a digital camera and which were taken with real film. But, like the film photographer, if you’ll slow down and pay close attention in the moment, it will evoke a special feeling. Film images have more soul, capture the beautiful skin tones give it a soft romantic aesthetic. It just has that “something else” that even experienced photographers have a hard time putting into words.

Don’t be afraid to ask us which of our photos were taken with film; we’d love to show you the beautiful difference. We’d love to include it in your wedding package…you won’t be disappointed! You’ll be so thankful we captured the heart and soul of your special day!

what's the big deal with film
what's the big deal with film
what's the big deal with film
what's the big deal with film


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