The Power of Building Relationships with your Branding Clients


December 17, 2018

Starting a new passion project, business, or adding a product line can be exciting, yet overwhelming! You have all these ideas floating around in your head: from marketing, to sales, to the vision you have for your business and what your goals are. Let’s be honest … it’s time consuming, at times mind-boggling, and definitely requires lots of blood, sweat, and tears. But, it’s also oh. so. Rewarding! There’s nothing like taking that small spark of an idea and fanning the flames until it grows into an actual living breathing thing! Wow!!!

It’s at this point that most are told by their business coach or a member of their business growth group that they need new photos for their website! That’s where we come in! I love when clients reach out to us to get their branding photos! I have learned how powerful building relationships with my branding clients can be, for both me and my clients. Let me tell you Carolyn’s story and you’ll understand better.


Carolyn reached out to us when she was still in the planning stages for her website. She knew she would need photos for the site as well as her social media channels. What started out as a lifestyle photoshoot around town quickly morphed into a session focused on how-tos, fresh produce stock shots and, of course, some action shots of her enjoying keifer, kombucha and so many other delicious fermented foods.

Because her new website, My Cultured Life, focuses more on education (think lots of how-tos and recipes) and building a healthy living community, we decided the images of her running around town wouldn’t fit her brand as well as shots of her showing some of the behind the scenes of the fermenting process.

Before I even picked up my camera, I had spent some time learning about Carolyn and her business, especially her vision for the business and goals for her website. She was so grateful that we had those up-front conversations! I was able to help her envision what she really needed to visually represent her brand. When we finally made it to the session date, we had brainstormed a plan that allowed us to make the most of our time together.  The end results provided her with images that will help her express the fullest potential in her brand!

For us, it’s more than just taking the pictures. It’s about learning what our clients need and are looking for – even when they have no idea what they want or come to you with a plan already in mind. It wouldn’t have done either one of us any good to just show up and photograph what Carolyn had originally asked for. She wouldn’t have had the images she truly needed for her site. That’s why we take the time to ask the lots of questions, learn about you and your customers and build that relationship so that you end up with images that truly fit your needs, no matter what they are!


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