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October 1, 2018

What do you do now? You’ve started a new business or maybe you just made some significant changes, like adding a partner or changing your branding.
All the legal stuff is in place and your new website is up and running. The preview announcement about all the changes is ready to send. But you are missing one thing … updated photos. You know you need them, you know it is important for your brand. Your clients need to see who you are and what you are all about. But you are dreading your session. You’re like most people who hate being in front of the camera having your photo taken. I feel your pain, because I’m the same way!
Here’s some good news! It doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience. It can actually be a fun time. I can already hear you saying you don’t believe me. But it’s true! Especially with Krista Mason Photography! We love branding sessions! Working with other entrepreneurs, helping them have fun and getting those images that they will love. Images that work well on social media; images that let the world know what you and your brand are all about!
Barbi and Trish reached out to me for their first partnership branding session. They were both very nervous and told me they were actually dreading their session. As I do with all my clients, I worked closely with them to brainstorm locations, props and clothing options. This went a long way towards helping them feel more calm and confident. Their nerves and fears melted away once we started working together. All their fears faded away as we laughed together, made jokes, and even had a drink or two together! We were just like old friends hanging out by the end of their session.
Making you feel gorgeous and confident is just part of your photographer’s job. It just happens to be my favorite part! Building relationships, helping you relax and see the beauty in the chaos…that really is the best part of my job. I want you to look at your finished images and say, “Wow, that’s me, I look amazing!” and then turn to me and say that was fun!
It’s more than just clicking a button. As you probably know, it’s about helping you feel gorgeous and comfortable so you can enjoy your session. That is where the real talent comes in, and that, my friends is my favorite part of my job.
Sure enough, Barbi and Trish were timid and nervous at the beginning of their session. But by the end of the session, while we were hugging and saying our goodbyes, Trish turned to me and said, “Hey, that was actually pretty fun!” That’s the best compliment I could get. She’d never had that experience with another photographer. She truly enjoyed her session and absolutely loved her photos!!


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