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June 24, 2015

the-colony-house-anaheim-boudoir-001 the-colony-house-anaheim-boudoir-002 the-colony-house-anaheim-boudoir-003 the-colony-house-anaheim-boudoir-004 the-colony-house-anaheim-boudoir-005 the-colony-house-anaheim-boudoir-006 the-colony-house-anaheim-boudoir-007 the-colony-house-anaheim-boudoir-008 the-colony-house-anaheim-boudoir-009 the-colony-house-anaheim-boudoir-010 the-colony-house-anaheim-boudoir-011 the-colony-house-anaheim-boudoir-012 the-colony-house-anaheim-boudoir-013 the-colony-house-anaheim-boudoir-014 the-colony-house-anaheim-boudoir-015 the-colony-house-anaheim-boudoir-016 the-colony-house-anaheim-boudoir-017 the-colony-house-anaheim-boudoir-018 the-colony-house-anaheim-boudoir-019 the-colony-house-anaheim-boudoir-020 the-colony-house-anaheim-boudoir-021 the-colony-house-anaheim-boudoir-022 the-colony-house-anaheim-boudoir-023 the-colony-house-anaheim-boudoir-024 the-colony-house-anaheim-boudoir-025 the-colony-house-anaheim-boudoir-026 the-colony-house-anaheim-boudoir-027

I adore this boudoir session at The Colony House. I seem to have found a new passion in photography…boudoir, who knew!? The elegance and beauty is such an honor to be able to capture. And I can’t get over the styling by Two’s a Party and Kacee Geoffrey! Such an amazing job!

Vendors: Photography: Krista Mason Photography // Location: Colony House- Anaheim, CA // Equipment Rentals: Archive Rentals // Makeup Artist: Kacee Geoffroy hair and makeup // Floral Designer: Krista Jon Floral | botanical |stylist // Personal Stylist: Styled by Two’s Company // Female Model: Whitney Hoy // Male Model: Matthew Lee Williams


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